2 Timothy is a letter written by Paul, a past persecutor of Christian Jews, to his son in the faith, Timothy. Paul wrote his letter from the dark, dank recesses of a Roman prison charging Timothy to stand firm in his faith and to unashamedly proclaim the gospel at a time when many believers in the faith were running in fear due to increased persecution. Paul's words echo through history to us as current day students in the Word: Be diligent! Run the race! Equip yourself with the Scriptures!

The Bible Bee Sword Studies take you on an age-leveled, step-by-step investigation of 2 Timothy over a 10-week period. Click on a button below to preview these engaging and impactful studies.

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Equipping Parents


The vision of the Bible Bee is to encourage parents as they disciple their children- that’s why we include free Parent Guidebooks with every family registration. The Parent Guidebooks include a complete overview of the Sword Studies and a “Family Bonfire” section to make it simple for Dad or Mom to lead a fun, weekly time of sharing and reviewing what the Lord has taught everyone is their study and prayer throughout the week. Additional Parent Guidebooks are available at the Bible Bee E-Store.

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Installing Truth


As our study of 2 Timothy helps us to consider what it means to be a Christian facing persecution, we will find yet another reason to hide God’s Word in our hearts through memorization. Click on the button below to view the list of the 25 passages for all Bible Bee participants in 2012, or download the complete text of the Bible Memory passages by clicking on your chosen version’s button.




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